Caroline Flack’s 8 Hot Tips for Summer Love

What's hotter than our brand new Caroline Flack collection? It could be your lovelife after getting our girl's top tips for a summer scorcher. We grilled Caroline for 8 clues on how to win at dating, because let's face it, she knows a thing or two about it...

Things not to say in your dating bio?

‘Looking for marriage immediately’ No, I think be honest, but not too keen.

How to graft your crush?

Oooh, now I’d let them do most of the grafting to start with, and, it tends to work better than if I do the grafting myself. However, sometimes they need a little bit of a nudge so, you can give them a little like on Instagram, if they haven’t noticed that like, go back and like something from a few weeks before. It could border on stalking, or, it could make them think ‘hold on, who is this?’ Don’t comment though, that’s a step too far.

Outfit advice for the first date?

I’m quite a daywear in the evening kind of girl, I really kind of like a cami vest with a pair of jeans. I think that can be really sexy, hair down, red lips and not too much eye makeup. Maybe even get a little spray tan the night before, you wanna look fresh. Or, the pink dress from my River Island collection would be perfect.

What to do if you get ‘the ick’?

Now, you could ride it out and use it as a really good nice experience, however, we haven’t got all the time in the world. So, what you plan before the date is the good old emergency phone call. It’s good for it to be someone like a flatmate who needs you to come home immediately, but then he might think he should come back as well! My mum used to be my ‘ick call.’ It would up as mum on my phone, I’d go and come back like ‘something’s happened, I need to leave’. Don’t make it something too bad, that’s not cool. And, if you’re going to be the one to ditch, maybe offer to pay the bill as well so it’s not too bad.

When’s it time to stick one on them?

I mean, when it feels right! Probably not when you first see each other. Kisses just happen naturally. If he goes in for the kill too soon and you’re not comfortable, maybe he’s not the one and you should call it a day. But, don’t go before starters, wait until dessert at least.

Should you put your eggs in one basket?

Yes! Definitely if you think they’re the right one. But, if you’re 99% sure, then just leave a really small egg out on the side or maybe in the fridge.

How can you tell if they’re catching feelings?

If someone is into you, they will contact you every day. That’s how you know. If they’re not calling you, they’re just not that into you. It’s so basic, but true.

What to do if you’re being mugged off?

Block them and don’t call them again. Be ruthless, life is too short to just sit around waiting, I’ve wasted too much time waiting for people and you can’t get that back.

Image source: @loveisland