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Pride: The LGBTQ+ Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Pride Month is in full swing and we're loving it! To continue the celebrations, we've put together some of the LGBTQ+ Instagram accounts we think you should be following if you're not already! Get ready for sass, the goals and the love…

For the lols: Charlie Craggs

Now we've spent a lot of time with Charlie and not only does she bring all of the sass, we're constantly laughing when we're around this woman. Follow for the witty clapbacks, the style and the girl power!

For the looks: Aquaria

Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 and all time look Queen, you need Aquaria on your feed. Forever leaving us gagged, follow for the glamour, the beat face and, of course, the LEWKS honey!

For the art: Mohammed Fayaz

If you want inclusive and fun illustrations on your 'gram, Mohammed is the guy for you. Documenting his community of queer and trans people of colour, his work is meaningful as well as beautiful. Follow for the bright colours, the diversity and to see him rock a co-ord like no other!

For the motivation: Aaron Philip

Aaron's humorous and sunny outlook on life is what makes her a must-follow! Not letting her quadriplegic cerebal palsy get in the way of her dreams, she's making waves in the modelling world. Follow for the PMA, the face she serves (look at that smize) and to watch her modelling journey!

For the positivity: Jonathan Van Ness

We couldn't possibly choose a favourite Fab 5 member, but Jonathan radiates positivity like no one we've ever seen and he has all of the grooming tips. Follow for the happy vibes, the hair goals and his cat Larry.

For the couple goals: Mel & Constance

Travel accounts your thing? Mel & Constance are the couple you need on your feed. Documenting their travels as well as Con's top surgery, these two are definitely goals. Follow for the beautiful pictures, the LOVE and for your next holiday destination.

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