Which lockdown character are you?

Let’s be honest, lockdown has just been one long Netflix binge. From Tiger King to Bridgerton, escaping reality has never been so appealing. The only drama is our lives is fictional and we’re so cool with that especially when our fave characters reflect our lockdown mood. Which lockdown character are you? Let’s play!

Rumour has it that Bridgerton brought the corset back but forget debutante Daphne’s ballgowns, it’s all about the Featherington sisters. If you’re craving colour, nothing beats their bold floral ensembles that stand out in the Ton’s sea of ivory and cream. We’re all dreaming of our “coming out” of lockdown outfit and if you like daring make Penelope Featherington your muse.

Who isn’t dreaming of a one way ticket to anywhere but their living room at this point? Emily in Paris is the escapism we’re all craving so you best believe we’re going to live our lives through her. Drinking café au lait by the Louvre dressed in a cute houndstooth set with an even cuter French chef? Yes please!

It’s a Sin is required viewing but be prepared to weep! Set in ‘80s London the show follows a group of friends trying to survive and thrive during the AIDS crisis. Our favourite character, Roscoe, is unapologetically himself, dressing up for any and all occasions and is never seen without his signature slick of eyeshadow. If you believe in the power of dressing up Roscoe is a bit of you.

Irresistibly rewatchable, Gilmore Girls is the comfort blanket everyone needs. Although Rory Gilmore is productivity queen she also knows how to relax to the max. If you’re feeling burnt out, binge watching cult classics with all the junk food your heart desires is a tried and tested Gilmore girls classic. If only Al’s pancake world existed in real life …